Speculo is a smart mirror that helps you to optimize the time spent in front of the mirror. This product acts as a perfect example on how an Artificially Intelligent IOT product can provide assistance in our day-to-day activities.The features of the product is designed in such a way that the product can be used by all age group providing something for them.


Existing Features:

  • Weather
  • Date & Time
  • News
  • To do list
  • Weekly Weather Forecast
  • FM Music
  • Countdown Timer
  • YouTube video
  • Reminder list

Upcoming Features:

  • Traffic route suggester
  • Social Media access
  • Customized music library
  • Stock Market updates
  • Face Detection
  • Games
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Mail notification

Uniqueness of the product:

Speculo smart mirror is a fine example of technological blend of Internet-of-Things with Artificial intelligence. Since the root technology used are advanced and still under development the mirror offers many unique features which cannot be seen in a normal mirror. Following are some of the unique features which are under patenting process.

  1. Talking/Singing mirror – Mirror with speaker which helps to have a two way communication
  2. Frame-the-best – Speculo through its AI has the capability to give results on which spectacle frame matches you the most.
  3. Digi Guru – Speculo will teach you how to do Yoga, dance and improve your grooming skills.
  4. Digitized frames – The product has the capability to adapt itself according to your mood and change the frames as and when required. Hence frameless mirror will become virtual framed mirror.
  5. Intruder Detection – how about your mirror becoming your security guard by detecting the presence of uninvited intruder and notifying you as and when it detects the intruder presence.
  6. Connect with friends/family – use your mirror to talk to your loved ones and have a video chat without having the fuss of holding your phone
  7. Medical assistant – Mirror helps to remind what medicine has to be taken at what time by giving out an image of it and voice reminder with medicine name and quantity.
  8. Object identifier – Teach your children the skill of self-learning. By showing the object in front of the mirror it tells what it is and a small description of it.
  9. Costume Matcher – Mirror suggest you what color it suits and when you wore the dress last time which helps you to dress up in a new way each time you attend the party. The suggestion also can be made according to your zodiac sign and lucky color for the day.
  10. Two factor authentications in mirror – For accessing personal information mirror has an inbuilt two factor authentication method which consists of face detection and fingerprint authentication.
  11. English pronunciation corrector – In this feature just speak to the mirror and it will correct your pronunciation by speaking back how to pronounce it correctly.


Infra Red based remotes have been in the market for last 2 decades helping us to control the devices remotely without having to be near to the device. Infrago goes a step ahead and replaces the  IR remote s with a single device which will control all your devices.

Our product InfraGo has the capability to get synced with amazon echo dot or a Google home and thus helps to control the device through voice. This IOT module is a step taken in the direction of making your home a real smart home.


  • Can be interfaced with any number of devices
  • Any brands can be the device and if a new brand comes to the market you can train your InfraGo
  • Helps in controlling the TV parameters like Volume change, Channel change, preset the program to a particular time
  • Control your device through voice by syncing Infrago with Amazon Echo Dot or Google home.

Resource On Time is the brainchild of Epitas Software LLP. We act as a bridge connecting the resource with the project thus helping the Provider to utilise the candidate and the Requestor to get the project completed within schedule.


Provider is a company which has resources in bench. Bench is a term used for skilled resources, for whom the project is yet to be allocated. Usually it takes an average of 2 months to get a new project. So these resources are idle for that period of time.


Requestors as the name suggests are the companies who are looking for the resources. They have project ready and what is missing is a skilled resource. Resource on time is a perfect platform for these companies, as we will have a pool of skilled resources.

Resource on time provides a unique opportunity for the resources to go to other companies where there is a need only for a period of 2 or 3 months. This is a very good chance to explore the different companies work culture, get exposure on technical front and interact with people. This is a win- win situation for both employee and the company. The employee will still be with his company and company will not lose their valuable resource. Hence Resource on time is a perfect platform for these companies, as we will have a pool of skilled resources. For more information visit :

Proof of Concept Robots

First step of perceiving a new idea is to prepare a prototype or work around with something that’s already available. Here are a few proof-of-concept robot demonstrations:

SNATCH3R: Autonomous Robotic Arm

The SNATCH3R is one of the most advanced robots; it can autonomously find, grab and lift the infrared beacon. With the remote control we can also drive it around and pick up the objects on the way.

LAVA R3X: The humanoid that walks and talks

Lava R3X is a humanoid robot that walks on two legs by continuously shifting its weight to one foot while moving the other foot forward. It has touch sensors through which it is programmed to walk, move head and arms.