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Epitas LLP is a startup based on Automation. Automation is our passion and we are looking for unique and innovative minds out there who share the same passion as us! And that’s the reason we at Epitas R&D center, are looking for young innovative minds who can develop innovative solutions to solve problems faced in the society with latest technology in the field of Automation.

Come Join us in our journey to build, innovate and revolutionize at the Epitas R&D Center.

All that you need is a mind full of ideas, we will provide you with the rest!

What you get?

  • Mentors to guide you throughout the learning process.
  • 24hr Access to the R&D center once you are a member.
  • Build Projects for your Final Year Engineering or post graduate courses.
  • Meet like-minded people in the R&D center, share ideas and get an opportunity to implement and lead potential projects.
  • The R&D center will feature labs with the latest technology, robotic kits, and all the tools necessary to build your first Robot.

We are offering three programs. Choose any based on your interest.

Please revert back to us stating which category you are interested in or simply fill in the Registration Form Here.