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What is a Smart City? Smart city is an urban area where a government collects data and information related to the city so that it can be used effectively. This data can be collected from citizens, devices, satellite etc. and is processed to manage traffic, electricity, public services like bus stands, hospitals, libraries etc. But nowadays technologies like GIS and LIDAR where data is collected digitally instead being manually and is preprocessed and converted to final processed data and can be used by the government or public clients for implementing this data into a smart city. Using technologies like GIS and [...]


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


         Drones also are known as Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV’s ) are aircraft with no pilot or passenger on board. Drones are mainly divided into 2 categories, Remotely operated/ piloted or Fully automated. Remotely operate drones requires as killed pilot to control the drones and Fully automated drones functions as per the commands are given by its base station.   The first remotely operated drones were built during World War I.  UAV were intended to be used as an aerial torpedo, an early version of modern cruise missiles. A typical UAV’s are made of light composite materials to reduce weight and increase [...]

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What is Lidar? Light Detection and ranging (LIDAR) is an optical remote sensing technology used to collect valuable information about geography knowledge. LiDAR was formed within the 1960s for submarine detection from craft and early models were used with success within the early 1970's within the United States, North American country and Australia. The Working principle of light Detection and ranging system is basically quite simple. A measuring system device mounted on an aircraft or helicopter uses a pulse of optical device to collect, measurements which may then be used to produce 3D models and maps of objects and surroundings. Applications [...]

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“A map not solely shows geographics, however paints a story of importance or struggle”


Road to GIS…………………….. In 1854, spatial examination started once plague cholera hit the town of London, England. Because no one knew how the ailment began, British Dr. John Snow started mapping event areas. Anyway he also set streets, property limits and water lines. And he narrowed down the plague to one particular water line. Be that as it may, it genuinely wasn't till 1968 that GIS advanced into utilizing Computers. Roger Tomlinson initially coined the term "Geographic information system" in his paper "A Geographic information System for Regional Planning". At present, GIS has really turned into a computer based apparatus for [...]

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Machine Learning: A Window for the new Era


On a rainy evening while I was sipping the coffee, remembered our long pending tour to Rishikesh. Took up my mobile phone which was lying beside and searched for the weather report. To fuel up yet another trip plan went to refill my coffee mug. It took me a just couple of minutes but it was enough for travel agencies who were in competition among themselves by giving me their ‘as per them’ best plans. Happy but equally surprised by such an attention, my mind was boggling with numerous questions, but this time I was not ready to placate myself as [...]

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Automation in Quality Control


Quality is becoming a strong keyword in the competing world where survival is possible only through maintaining and producing high quality products. For that reason all sectors are implementing advanced inspection techniques which are primarily through automation. But automating an inspection process along does not give the answer, but the dependencies are also required to be maintained at that standard. A current discussion about maintaining quality and steps followed to get high precision products with the Siemens Factory Automation systems engineer stressed about several key elements on which results of automated quality inspection depend includes Understand and define the required boundary [...]

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Role of Human Supervision in Automation Era


With the advent of automation the fear of losing jobs has grown strongly. In this context the role of human supervision is also under the scanner. The last decade has seen the real development of automation in Indian market which has led to change in the categories of employment. The present trend on analyzing with the job perspective shows that more specialization jobs are surfacing and the regular repetitive jobs are losing to automation. “Automation will lead to job loss” has been the saying by many but on taking a different look to it another argument is automation brings more production. [...]

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3D Hologram Effect


What is 3D Hologram Effect? A 3D Hologram is a 3D projection appearing in free space which can be seen by everyone without the help of 3D glasses. It’s like capturing the light and projecting into an image. It can also be seen by shining a laser through the hologram, onto the screen. Holography was at first invented in late 1940s by Dennis Gabor. But it was known better later in 1960s when Laser was invented. Holography is projected through laser beams which forms a 3D image and can be visible to the naked eye. In what sectors is Hologram used? [...]

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Did you know that even though 3D printing is considered an ideology of future, it has in fact existed for over 30 years? Hard to believe, isn’t it? It was invented in 1983 by Chuck Hull and named as ‘stereolithography’. He explained it as ‘a method and apparatus for making solid objects by successively “printing” thin layers of the ultraviolet curable material one on top of the other’. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a prototype method of developing a3 dimensional object from a digital file, by melting filaments in applied heat to form it into a solid shape. [...]

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Rapid Prototyping


What is Rapid Prototyping? It is a fast way to create a 3D prototype of a concept. It may  not be as strong or heavy duty since it is just a model and created for the purpose to see and learn how the original product will finally turn out. It can be used to test and experiment on, to learn the effectiveness and the efficiency of the product. What are the benefits of Rapid Prototyping? At present times, the 3D models are usually developed with additive layer manufacturing technology via 3D Printing. Along with 3D printing, DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) [...]

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